Luiz Dutra built this UHP Impact ARC for a friend of his in Brazil. The wing is removable for easy transportation. The covering is all monokote and it has a PA 65 for power. Great looking plane Luiz!

Paul Raley has built another beauty; this time it is the UHP Gieseke Nobler component kit. Paul has faithfully recreated Bob Gieseke's famous paint scheme and added a detailed cockpit. Power comes from one of Randy Smith's proven AeroTiger 36 motor.

Luiz Dutra of Sao Paulo, Brazil built this beautiful UHP Impact ARC for a friend of his. All covering is Oracovcer, Luiz added carbon fiber landing gear and Bolly carbon fiber wheel pants. Power will come from an Enya 61 CX RE motor.

Doug Benedetti's Gieseke Nobler built from the UHP Component Kit. Painted with Brodak dope by Doug. Photos by Mike Ostella.

Paul Raley's Impact ARC. Power comes from an OS 40 VF with tuned pipe. Nicely recreated rendition of the paint scheme from Howard Rush's Impact.

Peter Deane's Saturn built from an Ultra Hobby Products laser cut kit. Aero Tiger 36 with wrap around header and tuned pipe for power.

Jim Treace's completed Impact ARC. Jim covered his model in Monokote and Lustrekote. Power comes from a K & B 61 with an APC prop. Overall weight is just over 60 oz.

Vincent Corwell of Ireland has built two Cubs (.15 size Bear) from Ultra Hobby plans. This one is powered by a Parra diesel motor and the red and white plane uses a CS Oliver motor. Vincent reports that both planes weigh 25 oz. and fly the pattern very well.

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